Guy sitting on a lawn chair looking at a large Biza can and a symbol that says no malt.

What are the ingredients in Biza?

Natural spring water, all natural flavor, premium vodka, sweetened with organic cane sugar, Stevia® or coconut palm sugar.

Is Biza gluten free?

Yes! Biza is made with naturally gluten free ingredients.

How much alcohol is in Biza?

6% ABV. A little higher than some of our competitors but not too high that you can’t enjoy a few. The perfect amount!

How many calories are in Biza?

160 calories.

Is Biza a spiked seltzer?

No. Spiked seltzers use malt as their alcohol which is fermented cane sugar. Biza uses premium distilled vodka.

How is Biza sweetened?

Depending on the flavor, we use organic cane sugar, Stevia® or organic coconut palm sugar.

What makes Biza different?

We use a blend to create a customized flavor profile and our carbonation levels are at the lower end for a more pleasant drinking experience.