Guy sitting on a lawn chair looking at a large Biza can and a symbol that says no malt.

Natural spring water, all natural flavor, premium distilled corn vodka, sweetened with organic cane sugar, Stevia® or coconut palm sugar.

Using distilled premium corn vodka (like Tito’s) produces a much “smoother” drink experience resulting in less alcohol burn on the back of your throat, making the drink more enjoyable and allowing the flavors to be front and center. In addition, corn vodka is gluten free.

Yes! Biza is made with naturally gluten free ingredients.

Biza is a 6% ABV and made with real vodka not malt. A little higher than some of our competitors (leading brands are are ONLY 4.00-4.50 ABV) but not too high that you can’t enjoy a few. The perfect amount!

No. Spiked seltzers use malt as their alcohol which is fermented cane sugar. Biza uses premium distilled vodka.

Depending on the flavor, we use organic cane sugar, Stevia® or organic coconut palm sugar.

We use a blend to create a customized flavor profile and our carbonation levels are at the lower end for a more pleasant drinking experience.

• All of Biza’s cocktails consist of a Primary “Dominant flavor”
   and a synergistic Secondary flavor created after countless hours
   in the flavor lab. 
• Most other brands are Single Flavored (monochromatic). 
• Biza constructs Flavors combinations that are universally appealing
   and non-esoteric.
• Through 200 hours of research Biza found that the “body  
   style” of a drink was an important determinate of consumer
   drink preference.

Biza created three distinct body styles for our cocktails:  
o Light bodied (ex Biza Pomegranate Vanilla & Mango Jalapeño), 
o Medium bodied (ex Biza Passion Fruit Peach) 
o Full-bodied (ex Biza Coconut Pineapple) 
• The majority of RTD’s on the market are structured as “light
     bodied” drinks basically limiting consumer options and appealing
    to only 1 preference subset.
The “first impression” or underlying aroma of the drink should match the dominant fruit listed on the label. Many leading brands miss this and have no aroma.
The “second impression” of the drink is visual. The color of the drink should match the dominant fruit. Most leading brands are colorless.
Biza cocktails are constructed to be “fruit forward” with balanced sweetness. Many other brands don’t even taste like the underlying fruit. They lack a discernible flavor and are “disconnected” from the fruit they represent on the label.
Biza cocktails has worked very hard on creating a pleasant finish to all our drinks. The majority of RTD’s have a terrible metallic or aspartame finish which consumers notice.

All Biza cocktails are constructed with a lower carbonation level (2.8-3.0) resulting in a more favorable, enjoyable Drink experience. The majority of RTD’s are highly carbonated (3.3) and are too bubbly. Highly carbonated drinks are inflammatory and highly acidic. High carbonation levels often lead to gastric distress, bloating, heartburn, and acid reflux. It is estimated that “heartburn” affects 60 million Americans at least once a month! Biza was designed as a safer drink alternative for those people.