Product and Dietary

Biza is made with natural flavors and premium corn vodka. Biza is sweetened with stevia, cane sugar, and coconut palm sugar (coconut pineapple only).

Distilled premium corn vodka produces a much smoother drink experience making and allows flavor to be front and center. Corn vodka is also gluten free.

Yes. Biza is made with naturally gluten free ingredients.

Biza is a 6% ABV and made with real vodka. The perfect amount!

No! Many seltzers are malt based. Biza is a cocktail in a can that uses real vodka.

  1. Flavor Profiles: We’ve created custom flavor profiles and our carbonation levels are at the lower end for a more pleasant drinking experience.
  2. Two Flavor Formulation System: All of our cocktails have a dominant and secondary flavor that work together to create a burst of flavor.
  3. Body Styles: Compared to most other RTDs which have a single body style and limits consumer options, Biza has three: Light Bodied (Pomegranate Vanilla & Mango Jalapeno), Medium Bodied (Passion Fruit Peach) and Full Bodied (Coconut Pineapple).
  4. Carbonation Level: Highly carbonated RTDs can leaving drinkers feeling full and can lead to acid reflux and heartburn. Biza Cocktails are lightly carbonated, leading to a more pleasurable drink experience.

Every aspect of the drink experience is engineered to delight the senses.

  1. Aroma: The “first impression” or underlying aroma of the drink should match the dominant fruit listed on the label. Biza Cocktails are very aromatic and other RTDs have weak aroma or none at all
  2. Color: The “second impression” of the drink is visual. The color of our cocktails match the dominant fruit flavor. Many RTDs are colorless.
  3. Taste: Biza Cocktails are constructed to be fruit forward with balanced sweetness. Other brands are light on flavor and bold taste.
  4. Finish: Biza Cocktails has worked very hard on creating a light and smooth finish to all our drinks. Not all RTDs have a pleasant finish.

Please see our Store Locator to see if we are available in your area. If Biza is not available in your location, you can order online.

Online Orders

Yes. A signature is required for delivery along with valid ID showing you are 21+. Unfortunately, packages containing alcohol can’t be left at your doorstep.

No unfortunately we are unable to ship to PO boxes.

Please see our Buy Online page for an updated list of states we ship to. You will be prompted to enter your zip code prior to purchase to confirm shipping eligibility.

Most orders are shipped within 48 hours of order placement. Please allow 2-7 additional business days for arrival.

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