Be Different

Guy with sunglasses and t-shirt that has the Biza logo on it, sitting with a beautiful scenery behind him.
Text header that says why we're not a hard seltzer.

Although Biza will likely be compared to hard seltzer brands, we are different. Our cocktails are brightly colored, full-flavored, and made with premium vodka. At 6% ABV, with just a touch of carbonation, makes for a pleasurable drinking experience.

Chart showing the Biza cocktails are full of flavor and color, made with real spirits, lightly sparkling, 6% alcohol, and are handcrafted with pure aquifer water.
Group of friends dancing. Biza cocktails contain no malt, only premium vodka. They are all-natural and gluten free.
Text header that says why we don't use malt.

Many hard seltzers today are classified as “Flavored Malt Beverages”. Malt beverages use fermented sugar to create alcohol. It’s cheap to make and is easy to mass produce. We want Biza to be better. We chose to make our cocktails with vodka because it’s naturally sugar and yeast-free. Our vodka is made with winter wheat and corn from southern Idaho and has a soft, smooth taste.